To race or not to race ?

« Impossible is nothing ». The commercial slogan by the famous sports apparel manufacturer must be right. 3 months exactly after my back surgery, I am back on track. Hours and hours of rehab, of hard work and dedication made the difference.

I was able to go from walking to rowing in about a month. From 6k paddle to 18k in my single in another month. And it took me another month to build up a decent level of fitness. My last physiological test showed that I was back to where I was last November in terms of fitness. I was really happy with that. I have been out for 4 months. The staff and I had to make a decision regarding the racing season coming up. I skipped the Essen regatta trip where the guys raced in the four and the quad. Next one is World Cup 2 in Varese (Italy). Was I going to be part of the trip? Lots of parameters to think of. A selection to be made by the headcoach. My personal feeling to take in account.

I am proud and happy to announce that I will race in 2015. First race will be Varese in the quadruple scull along with Rob Gibson, Will Dean and Matt Buie. A strong crew made of the best single scullers on the team. This boat, as well as the four, is the target boat for Olympic qualification this year at world championships in Aiguebelette (France).
To perfect are preparation for this major event, we will race at the Holland Beker in Rotterdam and at PanAm Games in Toronto early July. You can find my calendar for this season HERE.


I have talked about the hard work I have put in to manage a come back within 3 months but it is going to be a never-ending process now to keep me functional. It looks like rehab exercises are going to be my best friends now. I still have some after-effects from the nerve pinch and I have to keep working and being very sensible with my training. I have refused to think that I was getting older but now, I am like an old diesel truck. I need intensive care and a few k's to be a 100%. But the engine is still running.


Next stop : Varese
Departure on June 10th. Excited as a kid!


The adventure goes on...