4 weeks later

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all your support and your messages that helped me a lot in those hard times of life. I couldn’t reply to all of you but be sure that I really appreciate your thoughts. Special thanks to:


  • my teammates and coaches who supported me the whole way through and they keep believing in my come back.
  • all the doctors, surgeons, therapists, MRI technicians who made an incredible work especially Mike Wilkinson, our Team Doctor, who managed to do the impossible within 24 hours.
  • the “big Jake Wetzel” for helping me in Vancouver with my rehab and sharing your very similar experience from 2007. I hope it will end the same way for me !
  • my fiancée, Katie, who was there every single minute of that nightmare (except in the OR even if she asked to be in there!). You are amazing.



The past 4 weeks have been quite busy in terms of rehab and I have hammered it ! Hours of walking, core, appointments with therapists and specialists, I have been a good student and I can start to see the positive effects of it. The neurosurgeon who performed the surgery was very happy and impressed by my progress. I am a lot better and we can start thinking of light training soon. By light training, I mean biking, light weights and probably easy paddle on a boat to feel the water again and work on my core and stability.
I don’t want to rush the process. I want to make sure that my back heals completely and that we address the initial problem that caused that herniated disc.
No time frame and we can be sure of nothing but we can’t start thinking of more !
I am so relieved. Now this is just a matter of time and… work !

“The adventure goes on…”