Welcome on my new website

After years of thinking that I should change my « old fashion » blog which I like for personal reasons, I have decided to finally open julienbahain.com.

I started on the web in 2007 with julienbahain.centerblog.net to share my olympic preparation with my family and friends while being all around the world. At that time, it was easy and free to get a blog full of advertisement but sadly, compatibility between platforms were not the main concern. So you have been more than 372000 visitors to read more than 360 articles that will stay on that blog.
Moreover, my new career in Canada requires that I use both English and French so I needed a new corner on the Web.
You will find on this new website my photos and videos, my blog articles as in past but also my bio or my main results. You can swap from English to French anytime you want and choose the language you prefer !
Any questions ? Contact me.